The Storm
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1. Warm Coexistence
2. Dark Mode
3. Natural Affinity
4. All The Struggles
5. Uplifting
6. Subconsciousness
7. Facing The Truth (The Grand Finale)
8. The Song Of All Those Distant
9. The Storm

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The fifth album of the Amarok project, entitled "The Storm", contains mainly instrumental music - the result of cooperation between Polish artist Michał Wojtas and British choreographer James Wilton on the creation of contemporary dance performance The Storm. There are also two songs on the album, inspired by the main theme.

“The music for the performance "The Storm" is three-dimensional, deep and mysterious in the film - theater style” says Michał Wojtas, the founder and leader of Amarok. “It reflects the mood and the message of experiencing difficult feelings and copying with them in the context of internal processes of the individual and in relations with other people”.

In 2018, the music of Amarok appeared for the first time in the performance of British choreographer James Wilton "Hold On", presented in the Theater Münster, Germany. This fact resulted in wider cooperation between James Wilton Dance Company and Michał Wojtas in the form of a soundtrack for the newest performance entitled "The Storm". The premiere and other performances of "The Storm" have started in the autumn 2018 in the UK, including London (The Place). The masterpiece has collected positive reviews and the musical side of the show was strongly appreciated. The next shows are planned for the 2019/2020, also outside the UK.

In the meantime, Amarok performed with James Wilton Dance Company dancers in the Austrian Dornbirn (Tanz Ist), presenting the multi-dimensional musical and dance experience to the audience.

In 2019 Amarok will start touring to promote The Storm album. The beginning of the tour will start with summer festivals e.g. Festival of Progressive Rock in Torun, Poland and Summer Fog Festival, Warsaw with Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), David Cross or Soft Machine. There are planned also joint shows of Amarok and James Wilton Dance Company.

See the trailer of "The Storm" Here.

Amarok is an art-rock music project founded in 1999 by guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Michał Wojtas and guitarist Bartosz Jackowski. In the years 2001-2004, three Amarok records were released and noticed by international audience. From 2003, the formation has transformed into Michal’s solo project. The Amarok repertoire is a mix of art-rock, ambient, trip-hop and folk music. The Amarok recordings were also attended by such respected artists as Colin Bass (Camel), Mariusz Duda (Riverside, Lunatic Soul) and others.

In 2017, after a break of 12 years, the fourth album Amarok - "Hunt" was released. Colin Bass and Mariusz Duda took part in the recordings again. The album was highly acclaimed by critics and listeners both in Poland and abroad. The label also released re-editions of all three previous records ("Amarok" and "Neo Way" from 2002 and "Metanoia" from 2004).

Simultaneously to the promotion of the album "Hunt", Amarok has started a concert activity, taking part in the festival Warsaw Prog Days 2018, during which the vinyl version of the album "Hunt" had its premiere, as well as a joint performance with British musician Colin Bass and Maciej Meller (Riverside, Quidam) as special guests. Amarok appeared on e.g.: Ino Rock (dividing the stage with Gazpacho, Bjorn Riis and Soup), Spring Break, Progressive Evening Konin (with Riverside), Departures (with Riverside), and also at Tanz Ist (Austria), where the group's performance was accompanied by dancers of the British contemporary dance theater James Wilton Dance Company. At the turn of November and December 2018, the Amarok group held a joint mini tour with Colin Bass in Poland.

The Storm
CD 9.55 EUR 7.90 EUR