The Kick Inside (reissue 2018)
średni czas realizacji: od 2 do 60 dni 
CD 53.89 zł
1. Moving 3:09
2. The Saxophone Song 3:39
3. Strange Phenomena 2:53
4. Kite 2:57
5. The Man With The Child In His Eyes 2:37
6. Wuthering Heights 4:19
7. James And The Cold Gun 3:24
8. Feel It 3:00
9. Oh To Be In Love 3:18
10. L'Amour Looks Something Like You 2:26
11. Them Heavy People 3:04
12. Room For The Life 4:01
13. The Kick Inside 3:33
Kate Bush - piano, lead and backing vocals
Ian Bairnson - electric guitar, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, beer bottles
Paul Keogh - acoustic guitar
Alan Parker - electric guitar, acoustic guitar
Duncan Mackay - Hammond organ, synthesizer, piano, Fender Rhodes, clavinet
Andrew Powell - arrangements, producer, synthesizer, bass guitar, piano, Fender Rhodes, celeste, beer bottles
David Paton - bass guitar, acoustic guitar, background vocals
Bruce Lynch - bass guitar
Stuart Elliott - drums, percussion
Barry de Souza - drums
Morris Pert - percussion, boobam
Paddy Bush - mandolin, vocals
Alan Skidmore - saxophone
David Katz - orchestra contractor

All songs written by Kate Bush
Producer: Andrew Powell
Engineer: John Kelly
Arranger: Andrew Powell
Recorded at AIR London Studios, July/August 1977
Executive Producer: Dave Gilmour on "The Man With The Child..." and "The Saxophone Song"
Recorded at AIR London Studios, June 1975
Orchestral Contractor: David Katz
Sleeve Concept: Kate Bush
Front Cover Design: Splash Studio
Photography : Jay Myrdal
Back Cover Original Ideas: John Carder Bush and Del Palmer

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CD 53.89 zł