Lunatic Soul (digipak)
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1. Prebirth 1:11
2. The New Beginning 4:50
3. Out On A Limb 5:27
4. Summerland 4:59
5. Lunatic Soul 6:47
6. Where The Darkness Is Deepest 3:57
7. Near Life Experience 5:27
8. Adrift 3:05
9. The Final Truth 7:34
10. Waiting For The Dawn 3:36

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To make things clear – Riverside is all well. The decision to start a solo project does not mean that I am fed up with the "riverside" moods. Not at all! After the completion of the "Reality Dream" trilogy, a new wave of energy captured us and drifted into a studio, where we are now working on our magnum opus. On this occasion, I myself got drifted a bit aside and since I was in a studio I decided to record something else, before Riverside would absorb me again. And so I did.

Why Lunatic Soul? Well, my friends trace this title to a name, so there might be no need for further explanation. Besides, those who know me are well aware that I am not particularly keen to simply answer all the questions. Anyway, the title is related to the story told on this first authorial album. There will also be a piece with the same title, and it is really a nice one.

What is the Lunatic Soul? The Lunatic Soul is a studio project realized in the cooperation with my friends and colleagues from the music branch who agreed to take part in it, to my great surprise and utmost joy.

Maciej Szelenbaum – we had created some beautiful sounds together long before the "R" band was established. Maciek is the co-author of several compositions. He is playing the keyboards, the piano, all the different flutes, the harmonica, an instrument with only one string whose name is a mystery to me, and the qujang. He would probably have played some other instruments had I let him. Well, I would look miserable if he did.

Wawrzyniec Dramowicz – no one else could take his place. The drum player of Indukti, a band which I highly appreciate, Wawrzyniec did exactly the job I expected him to do – no words necessary. I mean, I think I might have mentioned something, but I am not quite sure.

Michał Łapaj – the third Hammond player in the World just after J. Lord and K. Emerson. He is able to play a telephone directory. He contributed to two pieces on the album. Not really an extensive job. I do not know why I did it to him. I guess I might take pleasure in torturing him.

Maciej Meller – Maciej remembers me from Xanadu and I remember him from Deep River. Those were some underground times! Nothing of the Riverside or Quidam kind! Thanks to Maciej I learnt what an e-bow is. You will learn it too!

Robert Srzednicki – we were considering the specific sound of the project forever. Firstly, it had to be different from "we all know what". Secondly, it was to be dark and thick and so it is, thus different from "we all know what". By the way, Morrowind is the best RPG game.

Myself – as always: acoustic guitar, bass, other stuff, sometimes keyboards and lastly various kinds of vocals in my own language. Not to stay behind Maciek Sz., I have even bought myself an instrument called a kalimba – what a great sound!

It will be an oriental-trans-psychodelic-verbal-musical journey through the pitch darkness available only to those who have... a lunatic soul.

Mariusz Duda

Lunatic Soul (digipak)
CD 8.11 EUR