Pig Views (pink vinyl) (2LP)
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LP 1
Side A:
1. Rose, Rubus, Smilax, Vulkan
2. Revealed As A True Future Tyrant
Side B:
1. Pre-Colombian Worry Song
2. Rose Parkington, They Would Not Let You Leave
LP 2
Side C:
1. Jag Vet
2. The Dreaded Lurg
- Catch Your Death
- He Hath Rear'd His Sceptre O'er The World
- To Hunt An ANcient Vampire
3. Crystallisation
Side D:
1. Rokstenen
2. The Evil Eye Is Liquified
3. Huge Machine, You Are So Heavy
4. Butterfly
Pig Views (pink vinyl) (2LP)
CD 191.89 zł 140.99 zł