1. How long does it take to complete an order?

You will find detailed information about it here.

2. What are the shipping costs in Rock-Serwis?

You will find detailed information about it here.

3. Is there a discount for regular customers?

You will find detailed information about it here.

4. Do you ship abroad?

You will find detailed information about it in paragraph IX here.

5. I forgot my login and/or password for my account in Rock-Serwis. What should I do?

In the case of forgotten login, the easiest way is to email us giving your registration data (name, surname, address, etc.) and we will send you a reminder.

If you forgot your password, you can retrieve it in "your account" section.

6. I am your new customer and I have problems logging in. After I confirm my chosen login and password, I get redirected to the main site of the store. What am I doing wrong?

The login you have chosen is most probably identical to one of the many thousands of logins already registered in our store's database. The best idea would be to choose your email address as your login. It guarantees its uniqueness.

Please, remember that your login must not be identical to your password and neither of them can contain spaces or punctuation marks (slashes, dots, etc).

7. Can the purchased items be shipped to a different address as a gift/surprise?

Yes, it is possible, but only when you pay by card or money transfer.

In such case you should give us the recipient's name and address on the personal form page and write a note in "special requests" on the "delivery options" page to gift wrap your purchased items (and send them as a gift - without a receipt inside).

8. Are the shipping costs added to every item in the basket?

Of course not! The shipping costs are added to the total value of ALL the articles in the basket. Those costs and the total value of all the items you have purchased amount to the total sum of your shopping. You will see this sum reappear on subsequent pages of the purchasing process, also on the order confirmation page before you approve your order.

9. Will I get a confimation of my order together with a list of articles and their prices?

Yes, naturally. Shortly after you confirm your order, you will get a detailed list of the items you ordered together with their prices and the total amount of your shopping. Later, we will also email you about the shipment date and the contents of the parcel.

10. Do prices of the items in Rock-Serwis include VAT?

Yes, prices of all the items on offer include VAT.

11. Do I pay VAT included in the price if the items I ordered are shipped abroad?

Unfortunately, yes. According to the European regulations, it is currently not possible to get a VAT refund or to have the price reduced when articles are sold to individuals abroad. In the case of books, VAT is 0%, in the case of concert tickets - 7%, in the case of other articles - 22%.

12. What do the small orange circles next to the titles of some tracks mean?

If there is a small orange circle next to the title of a track, it means you can listen to a short sample of this track. In order to do it, you just have to click this button.

To avoid problems with listening to MP3 samples:

• your computer should have a music card with loudspeakers/headphones attached

• you should have software for playing MP3 files. The most common programs are Windows Media Player (Windows component) and WinAmp. You can download WinAmp free of charge here: