Our store offers you a few convenient ways to pay for the ordered items.

However, please, note that the options apply solely to orders placed in the territory of Poland. When an order is placed from outside of Poland, the only way to pay at the moment is by a card or PayPal.

The currently available payment options are as follows:

cash on delivery

Cash on delivery method is still one of the most popular ways to pay in online stores in Poland. When your order is delivered, you hand over the payment in cash to the Poczta Polska delivery man or to the agent of UPS shipping service at the moment of receiving your parcel.

credit/debit card (Visa, Mastercard or Maestro)

This is a very convenient method of payment with the use of eCard payment system. Your payment is authorized online on eCard website (where you will be directed in the process) and information about your card or your bank account is NOT made available to the staff of Rock-Serwis.

With time, we will be introducing the possibility of handling other cards which are in use in Poland.

Important! Your card will be charged with the amount equalling the value of your order (that is the sum of the items' prices and the postage costs) when the order you have placed is shipped.

PayPal payment

If you choose this way of payment you will pay using your PayPal account. If for some reason we send part of your order only, your PayPal account will be charged for the total amount of items sent.

money transfer

If you choose this method of payment (also a very convenient one), you will be asked to transfer money after we have completed your order!

When your parcel is ready to be shipped (and no sooner!), we will send you an e-mail with information necessary to complete the transaction (our bank account number) and we will ask you to transfer the amount of money equalling the value of your order.

Important! Please, do not transfer any money before we inform you about the amount you need to pay!

cash/collection in person

If you choose this method of payment, you will pay for your order in cash in Rock-Serwis headquarters in Kraków, al. W.Beliny-Prażmowskiego 28 (Monday to Friday, 9am - 4pm) after we have confirmed - by phone or email - that the items you ordered are available!

In addition, if you choose to collect the ordered items in person, you will get a discount of 6% (the discount does not apply to items already sold at a discount at the moment of placing the order - at prices marked in red - and items from "second hand and sale" section).