If this is your first visit to ROCK-SERWIS, it is a good idea to register your account in our database in order to avoid filling in personal form in the future.

In order to register your account, click on the "log in/register" link in the top right hand corner of the page and follow instructions on your screen - that is, choose your login and password. Your login must be unique, so you may want to choose your email address.

The next step requires you to fill in all the asterisked fields in the personal form.

When you visit us in the future and log in, your personal data will automatically appear in your personal form. You can modify the data at any time - you just need to change the information you provided in a given field.


After you have registered your account, and before you buy anything, it is a good idea to get to know the structure of our store. It has been designed to imitate shopping in a typical music store, however, contrary to most shops and markets, it's open 24/7, and you don't have to leave your home to do the shopping at very attractive prices!

When you enter our store, you can take a look at the most attractive new releases from all our departments. They are presented in the main panel in the middle section of the screen. The list of the latest releases can be several pages long. You can browse the subsequent pages by left-clicking your mouse on the number of the page shown in the bottom of the main panel.

Our store has been divided into four departments:




• MISCELLANEOUS (where you will find concert tickets, T-shirts, gadgets etc.)

Additionally, MUSIC department has been further divided into:

• DVD Video

• Rock/Pop (Rock, Pop, Hard&Heavy, Folk, Country, Blues, Soul, etc.)

• Dance and Electro (Techno, Drum&Bass, Trip Hop, Ambient, Jungle, Breakbeat, Big Beat, Electro, etc.)

• Other Genres (Rap&Hip Hop, New Age, Electronic, Classical)

• Soundtracks

• Jazz

FILMS department has been further divided into:





















The name of the department you are currently visiting is shown at the top of the screen. In the MUSIC department, the section you are browsing is shown in red bold font in the table on the left hand side of the screen.

In every department, in the main panel, you will find New Releases from the given department.

On the right hand side in the side panels you will find:

• Banners (links) of current promotions, artist presentations, labels, special products, etc.

• Special offers (items offered at especially attractive prices)

• Coming soon (items which will soon be released/published; those items are frequently offered at lower prices until their release day)

On the left hand side in the side panels you will find:

• Search (a module that allows for quick finding of the desired item)

• Staff favourites (a list of especially recommended items - different for each department)

• Bestsellers (a list of the best selling items on "Rock-Serwis" offer)

In addition, only in the side panels on the main site of our store, you will find:

• Music news (the list of upcoming gigs in Poland, information about The Night Of Musical radio programme, etc.)

• Newsletter

• Second Hand and Sale (used and new items on sale)


The detailed presentation of an item includes:

Artist name / Author / Director (depending on the department)


Release/Publication date



Short description of the item (only in the case of the following: new releases, special offers, coming soon, bestsellers and staff favourites)

Full description of the item (only on the page with the detailed presentation)

Track titles and times, musician/composer names, MP3 samples (only in MUSIC department)

Customer reviews

We hope that all the items in our store will have such full presentation in the future. Currently, some of the above mentioned elements may still be missing.

If you are interested in the detailed presentation of a given item, click on its cover or title.


The fastest and most convenient way of searching for a given item is the Search module in the top left hand corner of the screen. All you need to do is fill in the "word" field with the name of the artist/author/director or a fragment of the title and choose the category and department for your search (the latter is not obligatory, but it will narrow down the scope of the search), and then click on the "go!" button.

You can also narrow down the scope of the search by checking the "24h" box. In such case, you will get the list of items which are currently in stock, which means we can dispatch them within 24 hours.

Clicking on the name of the artist in the presentation of any of items will give you the list of all the items connected with the artist which are available in our store.

In the MUSIC department, you can narrow down the scope of the search to a given genre by clicking on the category in the panel on the left hand side.

Also in the MUSIC department, you can get an alphabetical list of all the artists whose name begins with a chosen letter or digit by clicking on the chosen letter/digit in the orange submenu. Clicking on the name of an artist from the list will show you all the items connected with the artist which are available in our store.

There is a similar option in FILMS and BOOKS departments (alphabetical lists of titles) and MISCELLANEOUS (alphabetical lists of item names).


Once you get to know the structure of our store, shopping will be really easy and pleasant. Just like when you are shopping in any self-service market, you choose items, add them to your basket and go to the checkout.

In order to add the chosen item to your basket, just click on the "add to basket" button. You will see a pop-up notification when you have successfully added an item to your basket. You can also check the amount of items in your basket and their total value in the top right hand corner of the screen.

Please note the "add to saved items" button on the detailed presentation pages. By clicking on it, you can save some of the chosen items until your subsequent visits, which is convenient in the case of "coming soon" releases (but not only!). Please, bear in mind that choosing the " add to saved items" option is not binding in any way, neither for you, nor for All the items saved can be purchased later provided that they are still available. If their prices change in the meantime, we will sell them at the new, higher or lower, price.

Before your purchase is confirmed, you can modify the contents of your basket. You can:

• change the quantity of an item or delete an item from your basket

• move items from your basket to saved items

• move items from saved items to your basket

Once you know what's in your basket, you can either go to the checkout, or empty your basket and dispense with shopping, or continue shopping. The choice is yours and you make it by clicking on the relevant button below the basket. If you choose to continue shopping, the procedure of adding products to your basket and listing the contents and the value of your basket will repeat. Clicking on the "proceed to checkout" button will mean that you want to finalize your purchase.


Clicking on the "proceed to checkout" button will take you to logging in page (if you have not logged in yet) or to your personal form page, where you can modify your personal data and, if necessary, provide an alternative address to which you want your order shipped.

During the process, you will be asked to choose the method of payment for the items you order and the way of delivery.

The available methods of payment are described here, and the ways of delivery - here.

Please, note the "special requests" field on the "delivery options" page.

If you pay by credit card or money transfer and specify a different recipient on the personal form page, you can choose the "gift" option - write a note in "special requests" field to gift wrap the items you purchased.

In the "special requests" field, you can also write any other remarks and requests regarding your order.

The next step in confirming your order is checking all the data and the content of your basket on "order confirmation" page. That will be your last chance to modify any data and the content of your basket.

When you click on the "confirm" button, you will see the sign "Thank you for your shopping at", and, if we have your email address in our database, you will automatically get a notification that your order has been placed.

If you choose to pay by card, clicking on the "confirm" button will take you to eCard website, where you can authorize your payment. After successful authorization on eCard site, click on "powrót" ("return") or wait a few seconds to be redirected to our store. This step is necessary to finalize your transaction!

At that moment, your shopping is done.

Please, remember that until the ordered items are dispatched, you can still modify personal data, the address to which you want your order shipped, the method of payment, the delivery option, special requests and the content of your order.


Your account is an important part of our store. Once you are logged in, you can use it to:

• modify the data in your personal form

• change the password to your account in ROCK-SERWIS store

• browse through the history and the status of your orders

You can also get there information about the discount you have at our store.


Regular customers of our store get a shopping discount of 1% to 7%. The percentage is automatically calculated by our software and depends on the total value of purchases made in our store in the last 12 months. The discount is calculated on a monthly basis (on the last working day of a month) and it can then be raised or reduced. Our system always takes into account the last 12 months of your purchases in our store, so it really pays off to do shopping in regularly.

The discount does not apply to the items which are already sold at a special price and the items from "second hand and sale" department. The shipping costs are not subject to discount either. This means that if you place a "mixed" order in our store, that is purchase items with both special and regular prices, the discount will be applied only to the items with regular prices.


All the items in our store have producer's warranty.

If you find any technical flaws or any damage resulting from delivery in any of the purchased items, you should send them back by post to: Wydawnictwo "Rock-Serwis", al. W. Beliny-Prażmowskiego 28, 31-514 Kraków, Poland. We don't accept parcels sent at our cost! All the costs connected with sending back the defective goods will be returned as soon as we have received the parcel and investigated the complaints. When you send us back the defective goods, you should enclose the receipt with the reason of your complaint. All the complaints are investigated within 7 days from receiving them. Damaged items will be replaced with new items and if this is impossible (for instance, because the item has been sold out), we will return the amount of money you paid for the item(s) or suggest other products available in Rock-Serwis.


If the address to which you want your order shipped is outside of Poland, the only method of payment we will accept at the moment is credit card (Visa, Master Card or Maestro).

We ship orders abroad by Polish Post air mail. Your parcel may be subject to customs charges in the destination country. All those charges depend on the destination country's internal customs regulations and have to by paid by the recipient. You can find detailed information on those regulations in customs information in your country.

In the case of shipping orders abroad, delivery charges depend on the weight of the parcel and the destination country. You can obtain information on approximate postage by clicking on the "postage" link on the "delivery option" page during placing your order - the information will appear in a pop-up window.